As part of the final submission for ARCH1201 Project 2, an architectural proposition exploring the relationship between a public and a private activity and an imagined landscape is presented.

The following concept was predominantly inspired by the architectural program of Rem Koolhaas' Bordeaux House (1998), as well as another earlier work of his, House In The Forest (1994). The program is simple enough; a residence for an artist set in an idyllic forest landscape. But the 'residence', as it were, serves dual private and public functions; it is private in the conventional sense that it is a home and workplace for the artist, but public in that there is an exhibition space on within the architecture where public events are hosted by the artist.

Like the Bordeaux House, the program is split across three levels: a lower floor set into the earth with a distinctive skylight on the opposite side to provide natural light; the middle floor serves as the exhibition space; and the upper floor, bound by an inverted u-beam and truss frame element, is reserved for domestic and private programmatic needs.


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